Phobias (Fear of Heights)

 The Fear of Heights

Fear of heights hypnosisOur Watford therapy centre offer one hour Hypnotherapy, NLP & CBT sessions at £65.00 with thousands of hours of client work we are ideally suited to bring fast, lasting relief for your fear of heights (Acrophobia). Alternatively why not try one of our hypnotherapy downloads for  fear of heights and bring releif from you current physical discomfort….

The fear of heights is defined as Acrophobia . Unlike a specific phobia like acrophobia — fear of flying — and other specific phobias, acrophobia can cause a person to fear a variety of things related to being far from the ground. Depending on the phobia’s severity, an acrophobic person may equally fear being on a high floor of a building or simply climbing a ladder.


Acrophobia and Related Conditions

  • Vertigo: True vertigo is a medical condition that causes a sensation of spinning and dizziness. Illyngophobia is a phobia in which the fear of developing vertigo can actually lead to vertigo-like symptoms. Acrophobia can induce similar feelings, but the three conditions are not the same. See a doctor for tests if you experience vertigo symptoms. Medical tests may include bloodwork, CT scans and MRIs, which can rule out a variety of neurological conditions.
  • Bathmophobia: Bathmophobia, or the fear of slopes and stairs, is sometimes related to acrophobia. In bathmophobia, you may panic when viewing a steep slope, even if you have no need to climb the slope. Although many people with bathmophobia have acrophobia, most acrophobia sufferers do not also experience bathmophobia.
  • Climacophobia: Climacophobia is related to bathmophobia, except that the fear generally occurs only when contemplating making a climb. If you suffer from climacophobia, you are probably not afraid to see a steep set of stairs as long as you can remain safely at the bottom. However, climacophobia may occur in tandem with acrophobia.
  • Aerophobia: Aerophobia is the specific fear of flying. Depending on the severity of your fear, you may be afraid of airports and airplanes, or may only feel the fear when in the air. Aerophobia may occasionally occur alongside acrophobia.

Symptoms of Acrophobia

If you experience acrophobia, you may never experience vertigo symptoms. Instead, you may feel a sense of panic when at height. You may instinctively begin to search for something to cling to. You may find that you are unable to trust your own sense of balance. Common reactions include descending immediately, crawling on all fours and kneeling or otherwise lowering the body.

NLP, CBT & Hypnosis Treatment is at Hand,

Try this 20 minute audio download to remove the fear permanently and painlessly.

You may feel like you are the only one that has a fear of heights but it is one of the most common fears.

Yes, it is important that we are wary when up high but for you and many others it is more than that. Even thinking about heights produces a powerful fear response.

I am sure that you have tried to be OK with heights many times. But no matter how hard you try to be calm when up high, anxiety and panic overrides what you’re thinking.

Does even imagining being up high produce fear?

Right now, even just imagining yourself being on a bridge or on the top floor of a building probably fills you with panic. As a therapist many of my clients describe their experiences as feeling ‘frozen’ or getting a sudden and uncontrollable sense of danger.

Be much more comfortable with heights after a single session

I have treated many people who have had a fear of heights all their lives. Just like you they find it gets in the way of doing ‘normal’ things such as travelling, going to the top floor of a building or even climbing up a flight of stairs.

Some people just accept this is a fear they will have for life but let me reassure you that after listening to this download your fear will have disappeared, or at the very least greatly reduced.

Can you imagine not being scared of about heights, and instead feeling calm and comfortable and being able to appreciate the views around you.

The process is pleasant

During workshops and one to one sessions I have used hypnosis to cure fear of heights many many times, along with many other phobias in a quick and comfortable way. Rather than focusing on why this fear has developed I use hypnosis NLP and relaxation to cure fears, usually in just one session.

The Rewind Technique, also known as the ‘fast phobia cure’ has been proven to be a highly effective and reliable method to treat all types of phobias, fears and trauma.

This technique allows you to think about past memories and traumatic experiences in a quick and disjointed way whilst being deeply relaxed. The process works by ‘re training’ your brain to react differently in certain situations. It is called the rewind technique due to the client’s memory of an event or experience being ‘rewinded’ and then fast forward until it becomes non threatening.

My prediction is that after listening to this Fear of Heights download your fear of heights will be permanently removed. And if you have any residual nerves, you can simply use the session again. Fear of heights hypnosis is an ejoyable experience in itself. You will be able enjoy being up high and even those unpleasant past experiences will become simply memories rather than threats.

So why not download Fear of Heights now and notice how different you feel after listening to it just once.

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