What is Neuro linguistic Programming and how can it help me?

Define NLP succinctly!

NLP treatment in watford

This is a common request and not an easy one to fulfil because NLP covers such a wide field and has so many diverse applications. The following are just a few ways of defining it.

My definition is ” How we encode, store, recall and use information, sometimes in helpful ways other times in less helpful ways. Modelling how we (and others ) excel we can learn store and recall the same process to impact on ours and others existence”

Other Definitions are:

 NLP is a method of personal development – a tool for improving your own and others’ performance
 It is also a model of effective communication – a practical and pragmatic collection of insights and methods that can enable you to improve how you communicate with yourself and others
 And it is a means of modelling – or creating models of human behaviour.

The main tenet of NLP is that it is an Attitude, Methodology and Technology of excellence. It is about using your brain differently (Neuro) by learning to think and communicate differently (language) so you can reprogram your behaviours.

The Attitude is one of Curiosity, Relentlessness & Creative Flexibility. It is about focusing on usefulness. The Methodology is a system of studying and learning what other successful people do so you can replicate their success.

The Technology is an approach to human psychology & personal change that offers techniques to change the way you think and feel, destroy limiting beliefs and make better decisions

In a nutshell…

…NLP is a simple yet powerful approach to personal and professional development. It is based on the study of NLP training Milton Keynessuccessful human performance in which the methods of very effective people are studied.The results are then distilled into easily learned ‘techniques’ and presented in workshops – making each workshop a valuable short-cut to more successful living. In a few hours you can learn what may have taken others years to discover in a trial and error manner.There is more information about what is NLP here: What is NLP?.

Can you explain the name ‘Neuro-Linguistic Programming’

It is explained here: What is NLP?

Why might it interest me?

NLP provides you with a means to make changes in your own life and to assist others in doing the same. It provides you with

 insights into how people think and behave
 dynamic personal change techniques
 Advanced communication skills.

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When 1+1= 3

In many cases a multi discipline approach where conscious work (1) such as NLP or CBT coupled with eyes closed work (1) such as hypnosis is far more powerful and impact than any one discipline in it’s own right….just using eyes open or eyes closed work on it’s own is only utilising half of your brain and simply misses the point of therapy in brining a holistic resolution.

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