Parts Integration

Inner Conflict.

NLP is a powerful set of tools and are wonderfully easy to apply. The skill is in identifying where and when to push on the sore points in our emotional make up. Books can carry you part of the way however there really is no substitution in having these processes applied by a fully qualified NLP practitioner.

NLP parts integrationThe NLP parts integration process can help with items such as Self, Confidence, Anxiety issues, inner critic, Motivation, Self doubts, Smoking cessation, Depression, Shyness & Self Esteem, Anger issues, Relationships… name but a few issues

What is the Parts integration process and How can It Help Me?

How many times have you wanted to break a habit yet found yourself helplessly doing it?
How many times have you wanted to take an important decision but felt that you are clueless?

Whether it was a bad habit or an important decision it’s the inner conflict you are experiencing that prevented you form acting the appropriate way. At some points in our lives we may run in to a conflict where a part of us wants to do something while another part of us wants to do the opposite:Have you ever found yourself with the following conflicts?

  • To Chocolate or Not to Chocolate: A part of you wants to be fit and to lose weight while another part of you wants to enjoy the taste of the yummy chocolate
  • To Exercise or not to exercise: A part of you wants you to become healthier by exercising regularly and another part of you wants you to enjoy relaxing in front of the television
  • To Be or not to be: A part of you wants you to quit your job and start your own business while the other part of you wants you to enjoy the current job’s security

Sometimes you may not be able to break a habit just because a part of you wants it. In this case the more you try to break it the more will this part has to hold on to it and so the result will be returning back to the habit without knowing why (yo-yo dieting is a great example of this)

Resolving the Inner Conflict

Even if you managed to ignore the needs of one of your parts you will still suffer from lack of inner integration and you will experience suppressed emotions and unmet desires.

The solution to this dilemma is getting more understanding of those conflicting parts then working on uniting these parts together under a common goal. T

Parts Integration Using NLP

The following are the steps you should follow in order to unite your conflicting parts under one common goal. The technique is taken from NLP and its called parts integration or visual squash. Make sure you read all steps before applying the technique.

Note that you aren’t going to resolve the inner conflict at the conscious level but instead you are going to do it at the unconscious level and that’s why the below steps may require some imagination. (see the subconscious Mind rules for more information on this topic)

Check in with your sub-conscious and ask if the parts are happy to work with you…if not there possibly is a higher level conflict that may need resolution before working on this particular parts integration….yes we can have more than one conflict at any given time.

  • Step One, Identify the parts: Hold both of your hands in front of you So that your palms face the ceiling. Look at the first hand and imagine that you are holding the first part on it and try to imagine the shape of the part. Some people see it as a glowing ball, some see it as one of their parents and others see much more weird things so just visualize the shape that makes you most comfortable. Try to notice if the part has a weight or if It has a sound. Do the same for the second part. We are using symbols in here because your subconscious mind thinks using symbols. If you can personalise it this is preferable.
  • Ask The first part about its Intention: look at the first part and ask it “why do you want to eat that chocolate?” the answer will be something like “Because I want you to enjoy the taste of chocolate” ask it again, “why do you want me to enjoy the taste?” the answer will be something like “because I want you to be happy”. As you saw you should ask more questions until you determine the highest positive intention of the part
  • Ask the Second part about its intention go to the second part and do the same. Your main goal is allowing the two parts to agree on a common goal which was happiness in this case. The more you go up in the hierarchy of intentions the more will you find that parts are agreeing together. One of the base NLP pre-suppositions is “ALL parts have a positive intention….no matter how this may manifest itself” This may be difficult to realise on yourself, and this is where a professional NLP partitioner is worth their fees..
  • Bring them together:  You will need to traverse some neurological levels (go deeper inside) until you find a common intention. Talk to both parts and tell them that they both have the same intention and that there is no need for any conflict. If you were doing it right from the beginning you will notice that your hands are coming closer and closer until they touch. If your hands touched each other then hold them together firmly and this will send a clear message to your subconscious mind that the conflict was resolved. As a result the next time you won’t find that big resistance when you try to stop eating chocolate.

Motivation direction is also an important part of this process and I always recommend working on this process as well, please read the Motivation post on this blog . We also recommend running through the above process with a fully qualified NLP practitioner, as this is the best way to use the parts integration process and bring resolution from your current issue.

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